Fitness Trends – Part 2

With 2015 fast approaching, we wanted to share with you our second fitness trend prediction for 2015 to help you stay in shape, High Intensity Resistance Training or HIRT for short.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has proven to be the trend that does not tire. Readily accessible in popular classes such as indoor cycling, boot camps and circuits, there is something for every age and fitness level. 2015 sees H.I.I.T. become H.I.R.T.; High Intensity Resistance Training. This form of high intensity training is increasingly popular for those not only seeking to burn calories through a cardio workout, but also increase strength and power. This is achieved through resistance-based exercises either using weights and machines, or simply your own body.

GIVE IT A GO: Try Project Fit, a revolutionary and innovative HIRT group exercise concept, which delivers an extremely effective full body workout for any age or fitness level. This challenging workout combines intense treadmill intervals with strengthening body transformation exercises for a results driven, energetic workout.

GIVE IT A GO: Try Speedflex CORE, designed to target and strengthen the core muscles, by combining challenging core and resistance training with traditional Speedflex high intensity circuits that keep your heart rate elevated.