Fitness Trends: Part 3

This week we share with you another of our predicted fitness trends for 2015, to help you stay in shape using the latest tech!

Technology is fast becoming an essential part of any fitness fan’s daily routine, as wearable tech and products which can read your body like a book in a matter of seconds continue to hit the market. There are new ways for you to learn more and more about your body, and how your fitness routine affects your health. Heart rate monitors, body composition analysis and apps run through your phone, allow you to consistently make the most of your regime, and truly achieve the goals you set for 2015.

GIVE IT A GO: Try the BC-545N from Tanita, the global market leader in health monitoring, which uses advanced Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to analyse body composition, hydration levels, body fat %, muscle mass, metabolic rate, visceral fat and bone mass in a matter of seconds. Connect with, where Tanita automatically uploads your data, allowing you to track your progress through the website and on your phone.

AND WHY NOT TRY: Speedflex HIIT classs. All participants are fitted with a Polar heart rate monitor to accurately monitor their heart rate throughout a session, tracking their progress against their personal health and fitness goals, and keeping them working effectively and safely in the heart rate zone so they reap the benefits of their training.