Work out in style with BoomBoom Athletica

It’s official, 2015 is the most fashionable year at the gym. Not only has the high street acknowledged this by introducing sportswear to its collections, but even fashion bibles are dressing their cover girls in stylish gym gear. Why? Because it has never been trendier to exercise and keep fit, so why shouldn’t we look great whilst doing it?

Looking good and feeling great is key to being confident, and the same applies to when you’re at the gym or pounding the pavements. You’re allowed to look stylish when you sweat, so make sure you pick workout gear which inspires you to work harder and look the part whilst doing so. BoomBoom Athletica, the latest fitness wear range to launch in the UK has been created to give women the style they crave without compromising on functionality and support .

Designed by ultra-marathon runner and fitness fanatic Ann Johannson, the BoomBoom Athletic collection conveys Ann’s passion for fitness. Utilising her unique experience, Ann has created a chic range which truly responds to the body for improved performance, helping you to withstand the demands of even the most rigorous training session.

Featuring advanced fabric technology and award-winning specialist materials, styles streamline and shape comfortably to the body to compliment the female form. A longer fit flatters the figure, whilst allowing a full range of movement during exercise, whatever your workout.

Each innovative design is made from high-quality materials, with several garments incorporating advanced compression fabrics which help to keep oxygen flowing to your muscles during and after a workout. These fabrics are complimented by fine mesh panels and detailing which offer excellent breathability whilst wicking moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortable and able to focus on your workout.

So whether you’re a HIIT fanatic, a barre addict, or spinning devotee, let looking great lead to a better workout.